Samsung Gear VR Launches Today For $199




Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can take a dip into virtual reality today with the launch of the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition.

For an entry fee of $199 on Samsung’s or AT&T’s sites, you can experience a variety of VR experiences on an included 16 GB MicroSD card starter kit, as well as the Oculus store. At the time of writing Samsung hasn’t confirmed whether or not you’ll be able to get all of the card’s content on the Oculus store, so if you’ve expanded your phone’s storage with a card of your own you may have to do some swapping on occasion.

Those who already own the most recent Oculus Rift developer kit will notice a few big differences when they strap on the Gear VR. Because the screen is a Galaxy Note 4  you attach to the headset, you’ve got a 1440p screen rather…

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