Feet-On With Boosted Boards’ New Faster And Cheaper Electric Skateboards

This looks SO cool. Love this video, love this skateboard idea. Our inner 11-year-olds are doing backflips of glee.
*file under: tax return, lottery win*


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If you want to ride a magic carpet, the Boosted Board is the closest you’ll get until they make that hoverboard run on asphalt. And now there’s an even more powerful model for climbing epic hills or hitting 22mph, and a stripped down model for casual boarders on a budget.

Y Combinator-incubated Boosted Boards launched it Kickstarter back in November 2012 and finally shipped its one electric skateboard with wireless remote in Spring 2014. Since then the company’s CEO Sanjay Dastoor tells me Boosted’s sold “thousands of boards”, even at its previous $2000 price point. Now it’s offering a few different models, all for much cheaper.


I went down the startup’s headquarters and factory in Mountain View to try out the new boards. You can check out the “feet-on” video above. I’ve ridden longboards for 10 years and have been Boosting since March, so here’s my take on the three…

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