Survey says only 65 percent of broadband households have Wi-Fi

This is really interesting. It seems like wi-fi is in so many public places and in so many homes, this statistic it surprising. It’s too bad this article doesn’t go into why: are people slow to adopt Wi-Fi for cultural reasons? Socioeconomic reasons? Health concerns? Not having Wi-Fi certainly alters so connectivity, such as FaceTime or Skype on a device–it would be interesting to know the reason behind the slow adoption in this country.


Home broadband and home Wi-Fi go hand in hand, right? After all, if you’re going to have a cable, DSL or fiber connection you might as well use it to connect as many phones, PCs and other devices as possible. But the reality is a large portion of the broadband household see their internet connections stop at the end of a cable, according to a new report by Strategy Analytics.

The report found that only 65 percent of the 690 million global residential fixed broadband connections terminate in a wireless router, meaning 239 million homes are still connecting their PCs and other devices to their modems through wires.

“Contrary to common perception, not all consumers have embraced Wi-Fi networks in their homes despite the fact that global connected devices per household stand at 5.5 in 2014,” Strategy Analytics connected home analyst Eric Smith said in a statement.

Strategy Analytics Wi-Fi penetration 2014

This isn’t just…

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