I’m fascinated by Ello because it reminds me of when the social web was still new

My Ello group is currently and inadvertently exclusive, in a lot of the ways and for many of the reasons that this article talks about. It is freeing to be unencumbered by certain types of obligatory social connections and reminds me of the happy, earlier days of Livejournal.

So I could not decide which quote to pull out, because I found myself going, “Yeah, totally! YEAH, TOTALLY.” to like, all of them. This “moment of imagination”, as ushered in by this new take on social media, is exciting for all the anarchy is brings back. I remember when the Internet was a Wild West playground for outlaws, hackers, nerds, communicators and artists and it’s exciting to have a little piece of that restored to us, even if only temporarily.


Warning: This post may contain statements that sound like an old person lecturing younger readers about how things were better back in the day. I’d like to apologize for that in advance.

Unless you’ve been holed up in a bunker somewhere, you’ve probably heard about Ello, the new social network/platform/website that launched recently and has swept through the social web like a whirlwind. You may even have read one of the dozens of blog posts and news articles about it, including some criticizing its founders for taking venture capital investment after posting a manifesto about the need for freedom, and some that seem to see it as just the latest flash-in-the-pan.

Some or even all of those views may be true. For what it’s worth, the founders of the site — Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger — have told my colleague Carmel DeAmicis and others that pressure to…

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