Building a modern data platform – think like a caveman

Amen to this. It’s easy to slip into the mindset of Us vs. Them when it comes to imagining users in prior to the alpha and even beta stage. Collaboration WITH users is a much more effective model to use in the process early on.
“To build success, companies should look to create a stronger partnership between IT and users. Together, they can build a modern data platform that breaks down siloes, opens up access across multiple devices and integrates new data, analytics, metrics and users. By simplifying data access and consumption across people and devices, enterprises can turn overwhelming amounts of data into valuable insights to shape the future of decision making.”


The hype of big data has created a plethora of doubters about its ability to provide business value. But, the problem isn’t the data itself – it’s the way we look at it.

Companies need to stop focusing on big data and instead, ask how they can take advantage of ALL data. Businesses have a significant opportunity to use data as a corporate asset to drive new innovation, produce new revenue streams and increase productivity.

In fact, data and analytics projects have been proven to lead to greater industry competitiveness as well as financial and productivity benefits. So, how do companies harness all data in a flexible and scalable way?

Avanade believes enterprises need to adopt a coherent, overarching data strategy that encompasses data and technologies of all types. At the heart of this overarching strategy is the simplest of concepts – making data accessible in a way that is…

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