The Ugly Truth About Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem

This topic has been coming up a lot lately… Though start-ups that have a women at the helm or as part of the founding team generally achieve higher levels of success, male-run start-ups are more likely to be funded. 

Sure, I think it’s safe to say there’re simply more male-run start-ups, but if we don’t become aware of the problem, it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.

So to all the male funders out there, don’t shy away from female-led companies simply because the founders are “not like you.”

The Dow Jones report, “Women at the Wheel”, found that companies have a greater chance of either going public, operating profitably or being sold for more money than they’ve raised when they have females acting as founders, board members, C-level officers, vice presidents and/or directors. At successful companies, the median proportion of female executives was 7.1%; at unsuccessful companies, 3.1%.


The Ugly Truth About Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem

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