Hallelujah! The App World’s Been Saved!

modern confessional booth

Our Father, who art in pixels,
linked be Thy name,
Thy Web site come, Thy Net be done,
on Explorer as it is on Firefox.
Give us this day our daily app,
and forgive us our spam,
as we forgive those
who spam against us,
and lead us not into aggregation,
but deliver us from e-vil. Amen.

No, that’s not our poetry skills, that’s an excerpt from Maureen Dowd’s op-ed exploring the new, popular app, Confession: a Roman Catholic App. Apparently, the app is not meant to take the place of a confessional booth, but to walk you through the muddy waters of the 10 Commandments. We think it’s only a matter of time before an app acts as a priest too, but for now, for those who have been looking, you can find Jesus in the app store.

Hallelujah! The App World’s Been Saved!


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